The Riffian Progression

The Riffian Progression aims to deliver excellent fitness service always striving for satisfaction of our customers. Together we will explore your physical and mental limits, but most importantly create a great exercise experience.

Our Training Services.

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This class is a mix between Yoga, Pilates and HIIT based exercises, where we will make the body stronger, more flexible and try to get more body awareness.

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Pilates is a trainings method where we work posture, stability, coordination, breath work and focus on body and mind.

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One of the most effective and dynamic training methods to learn your physical capabilities when it comes to strength and conditioning.


Our Ballet class is focused on the basics of classical Ballet. In this class you’ll learn the core movements and positions through exercises at the barre and in the center.

Our Group Classes.

At The Riffian Progression, we work with classes that are suitable for everyone. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or experienced, you are very welcome to join. Our classes are adjustable for all levels. Working hard, learning how to move and exercise in a proper way, combined with having fun, is how you will describe working out at The Riffian Progression to all your friends. Our job is to let you go out the door relaxed and with a smile on your face, proud of yourself and stronger than before.

We will set goals together as a group, but also for you as an individual. This is how you grow, how it will stay fun and how it will keep you motivated.

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Our PT Classes.

Are you looking for an individualized program tailored to your health and fitness goals? At The Riffian Progression, we understand that every individual is different in capacities and limitations. Therefore, we put at your disposition years of experience to help you reach the healthiest and stronger version of yourself. With a personalized plan, commitment and discipline, you begin your journey to a better physical and mental change together with us at The Riffian Progression.

Get to know us.


Eva’s classes are a mix of different disciplines like Pilates, Yoga and Ballet. Having a background as a dancer, she has worked with a lot of different techniques and approaches when it comes to training. Her goal is to make you feel super good and strong while respecting your boundaries and working with your own, unique body.


Brahim’s expertise relies on body composition, being weight loss and gain of muscle tissue. He focuses on functional training, execution of proper technique and Kettlebell work to help you move well and feel even better while achieving your goals. With a broad background in several sports, he brings his experience as an ex-track&field athlete to ensure you make the most out of your sessions.

The Riffian Progression

You are more than welcome at The Riffian Progression, with locations in Amsterdam and Zaandam. Professional, challenging and fun classes taught with attention and passion for our profession. We are here to get the best out of you and to make you feel better than ever.

For any questions, contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp Monday to Saturday, 08:00-17:00

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