Our Group Classes.

At The Riffian Progression, we work with classes that are suitable for everyone. Our classes are adjustable for all levels. Working hard, learning how to move and exercise in a proper way, combined with having fun, is how you will describe working out at The Riffian Progression to all your friends. Our job is to let you go out the door relaxed and with a smile on your face, proud of yourself and stronger than before.

We will set goals together as a group, but also for you as an individual. This is how you grow, how it will stay fun and how it will keep you motivated.

Learn more about our classes below and book them through our schedule!

close up shot of a person meditating

Shape & Strength

This class is a mix between Yoga, Pilates and HIIT based exercises, mostly on the mat. We will make the body stronger, more flexible and try to get more body awareness. 

There will be weekly themes or focus points as Inner Thighs and Bum or Strong Core. To also work on our conditioning, we have a short block of HIIT based exercises to get a different sort of challenge in the class. Because we work with different training methods, it is different and fun every week! We will end with a stretch to keep the muscles long.  

crop woman unrolling mat in gym


Pilates is a trainings method where we work on posture, stability, coordination, breath work and focus on body en mind. It’s an effective workout that strengthens muscle groups while creating a balanced and flexible body.

The whole body is active and trained but the focus will be on the core. We end this class with a stretch, to keep the muscles long. This class is definitely suitable for beginners!


Our Ballet class for beginners is made for people who would like to learn the base of classical Ballet. In this class you’ll learn the (basic) movements and positions while doing them through exercises at the barre and in the centre. Not only will your body work hard, also your brain will be trained in coordination, musicality and remember exercises. This all while strengthening the muscles and training the body effectively. You’re also
working on improving your posture and it while learning the aesthetics.

It is also suited for people who have more experience in ballet, to really focus on their technique.

person holding red kettlebell

Strength & Conditioning

Kettlebell workouts are known to be one of the most effective and dynamic training methods when it comes to strength and conditioning.

During this class you will learn the functional capabilities of your body while you enjoy a great workout adapted to your physical level.

Eva is a great teacher with a lot of humour. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can join the class. Other than in a lot of other classes, Eva gives you individual help.

— Review from OneFit

This class was very good. Eva did a great job in explaining proper breathing work during the pilates exercises. The exercises were new and good intensity compared to other pilates classes. Highly recommend this class with Eva!

— Review from OneFit